Voice and adoption

Why aren't voice apps seeing adoption?

I read this summary of smart speaker usage and was struck by how little adoption third party smart speaker apps are gaining. It's not particularly surprising: just ask anyone not familiar with the technology if they've used an alexa skill. It seems like the third party ecosystem would have been more robust by now.

A Quick Note on Discoverability

From what I've been reading, there's a ton of discourse in the voice application community on discoverability. Sure, discoverability is really important for lots of applications. Ask yourself this: how many of the applications on your phone did you install after finding them in the app store?

I don't think discoverability is the key. If users were getting consistent value, we'd see adoption.

It's all about jobs to be done

What can your user accomplish that they can't accomplish easier by picking up their phone?

I think the Jeopardy skill is an excellent example--it's actually easier to dictate answers to Jeopardy than it is to write them on your phone.

There are a ton of reasons why the subset of jobs to be done with third party voice apps is really small right now. What do you think is the key?